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Disney’s acquisition of Marvel has gone smoothly so far. I expect there will be some blowback though after Avengers 2. Tony Stark is locked up in his workshop, depressed and retired, causing Kristen Bell to try to coax him out by singing “Do You Want to Build an Iron Man?”

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So here is the final version of the poster I did for a local high school’s production of The Sound of Music.

I like the pencil sketches of the seven Von Trapp children. There’s a lot of detail there that was removed and minimized in the final piece. I could have refined and inked those pencil sketches and done a more realistic take, like I usually do, but this time I wanted things to be simplified into areas of color for the final piece.

It was a lot of work to get nine characters looking right! Normally I would ink characters in a much more complex style. I was trying to be sort of artless here.

When I inked the characters, I kept things very simple, like an animated cartoon. I threw out a lot of the detail, then carefully recolored all the black lines for a lineless look. I painted the background based on a sketch and gave the characters a subtle paper-cutout look.

It was a much more complicated piece than I’d expected when I began, and a lot of the work I did isn’t seen, or is barely seen, in the final piece. But I’m happy with that. I tried to condense and convey what people love about the musical.

You can see the final piece in full quality here:

I thought I’d show you the process behind a piece I did recently, for a high school’s production of The Sound of Music.

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It was supposed to be a rush job, and a simple piece, but it soon became much more complex than that. I felt that a simplified graphic style would be best, so that you could imagine anyone playing the roles. I based the hairstyle for Maria and the Captain on the actors. I wanted a mostly lineless style based around flat color, without visible faces.

But I still decided to design and draw the characters fully, complete with faces, so that they’d be strong, realistic and believable, and hopefully the energy would come through even when the black lines and faces were removed.

I looked at other Sound of Music posters and did some very rough sketches, which I then refined and redrew at a larger size. While Maria came together very easily, the eight other characters did not.

Captain Von Trapp has seven children, and I’d drawn them running. It required a lot of work and thought to make all seven characters distinct and believable and make sense as drawings that don’t look terrible.

I designed a new Sound of Music logo, warping the Columbus font for a 60s feel.

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Just saw Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Not as funny as I expected for a Steve Carell movie.

Hey Garrett,You might be the perfect person to ask. Do you know where one can find a Richard Williams short called The Dermis Probe? Thanks so much! Jonathan

I’ve been looking for a copy of that one, but nothing has turned up! The film was inspired by a short story about how a person cannot know the shape and nature of something large by examining just one small part of it - In this case, knowing that one is looking at an elephant by examining its skin.

Beyond Ghor there was a city. All its inhabitants were blind. A king with his entourage arrived near by; he brought his army and camped in the desert. He had a mighty elephant, which he used in attack and to increase the people’s awe. From among this blind community messengers ran like fools to find it. As they did not even know the form or shape of the elephant they groped sightlessly, gathering information by touching some part of it. Each thought that he knew something,
because he could feel a part. When they returned to their fellow citizens, eager groups clustered around them. Each of these was anxious, misguidedly, to learn the truth from those who were themselves astray. They asked about the form, the shape of the elephant, and listened to all that they were told. The man whose hand had reached an ear was asked about the elephant’s nature. He said: ‘It is
a large, rough thing, wide and broad, like a rug.’ And the one who had felt the trunk said: ‘I have the real facts about it. It
is like a straight and hollow pipe, awful and destructive.’ The one who had felt its feet and legs said: ‘It is mighty and firm, like a pillar.’ Each had felt one part out of many. Each had perceived it wrongly. No mind knew all: knowledge is not the companion of the blind. All imagined something, something incorrect. The created are not informed about divinity. There is no way in the science by means of the ordinary intellect.  

Archie to be shot and killed in “Life of Archie” comic finale. Four Archies will rise to take his place - a rebellious kid, an evil Cyborg, a familiar-looking man in black, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Bill and Ted, today:

GURU: He is no longer on this plane. He has reached the state of Nirvana.

TED: You mean, like, Seattle?

BILL: Seattle’s not a state, Ted.

Blu-Ray news: Disney will release 1988’s “John Oliver & Company,” but only for a couple of months while Jon Stewart is away.


I think I forgot to upload these!  As you might guess, these are from a while ago, back when I was prepping for doing the Thief and the Cobbler RECOBBLED storyboards!  You can see several studies of Roofless, the One-Eyes, a Goolie, a Tack, an Old Witch, and a Princess Yum-Yum.  Plus a bonus Phoenix and an Eren that I didn’t feel like cropping off the pages.

April Fool’s Day Arabian Knight stream …