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Harley Quinn programs video game about the Joker. Is threatened by Men’s Rights Activists. Destroys her own computer with a comedy mallet.

The Roger Rabbit You Never Got To See

More rare footage from the unmade 1983 Darrell Van Citters version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit - Starring Paul Reubens.

Before Richard Williams directed the animation for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, there was an earlier attempt at Disney, from 1981 to 1983, to adapt Gary K. Wolf’s book “Who Censored Roger Rabbit.”

John Culhane takes us behind the scenes of the unmade Darrell Van Citters version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1983. With designer Mike Giamo and producer Marc Sturdivant.

Disney 1981-1983. Animators: Chris Buck, Randy Cartwright. Character design and concepts: Mike Giamo, Mike Gabriel. Paul Reubens, known as Pee Wee Herman, plays Roger Rabbit. Peter Renaday and Mike Gabriel as Eddie Valiant. Russi Taylor as Jessica. Jack Angel as Captain Cleaver. Screenwriters Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price. Producer Mark Sturdivant.

Darrell Van Citters couldn’t remember who had played Baby Herman, but believes his name was Byron.

While Roger was a villain in the book, trying to solve his own murder, this Roger is a loveable goofball in white fur and red overalls - a prototype for the final film. Jessica Rabbit appears to be the villain of the piece. Still, this version clearly laid some groundwork for the Zemeckis/Williams production a few years later.

The prototype Roger Rabbit appears cheering in the stands in the featurette “Sport Goofy in Soccermania.”

More information and pictures:

Another new video restoration of a rare film!

Fun With Mr. Future (1982, Disney, Darrell Van Citters)

Much of the same crew worked on the prototype 1981-83 version of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, which wasn’t made. According to the internet it’s virtually a lost film, so let me change that with this post.

"Fun with Mr. Future" originally began development as an Epcot television special, whose crew included Darrell Van Citters, Mike Giamo, Joe Ranft, Mike Gabriel, Tad Stones and Brian McEntee. At the time, this team was also involved in the development stages of what would become "Sport Goofy in Soccermania" (1987) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). After Disney shelved the Epcot special, Tom Wilhite allowed them to use footage from the project and edit it into a new animated short. The resulting work marked the directorial debut of animator Darrell Van Citters, who began his career at the Disney studios.

Disney released the film in Los Angeles on October 27, 1982. No other public screenings took place until October 2010.

Someone should create drawings of Disney Princesses doing science under the name “Belle Labs.”

Some rare Muppets for you, restored from VHS and other sources.

If US relies on global box office receipts-and must make movies they’ll like in China- How come we cast white people to play Asian leads characters in Asian franchises like The Last Airbender, Dragonball, Speed Racer, Godzilla, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, and so on? Or, for that matter, any Asian-styled kung fu film, or any film set in an Asian country, or [etc]

Godzilla 2014: Satisfying the minimum legal requirement to be called a Godzilla film.

So, the internet seemed to really like those prototype 1983 Roger Rabbit animation tests I posted. Which means they’re really gonna like what I’m posting next.

First picture of Batman and Wonder Woman in new film. Or in 1991, whatever.

First picture of Batman and Wonder Woman in new film. Or in 1991, whatever.

Working on some stuff for an HD remake of Super Mario Bros. 2.