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The famous shot of Zigzag with his playing cards is particularly damaged in the KA reels, so I chose it as my first restored HD shot. 25 frames total were repaired, often using elements from the (pan & scan) Miramax DVD. This shot appears at the end of a reel, so it has large black asterixes drawn over about ten of the frames. The luminance of the Miramax DVD was used to restore the original animation, with coloring redone by hand. Some of the more distracting dirt was painted out. There were two splices, at the beginning and in the middle of the shot. This also results in two “jump frames” after each splice, where the projector is recovering from the splice and the frame appears blurred vertically as it is moving upward.  Some Miramax DVD material was also used here. I may go back and revise this further as there are very minor discrepancies in the colors of the repaired frames. Also, with this being my first HD shot, I have not yet figured out how to make my color settings in Photoshop match those in Final Cut Pro for the HD material, so there are minor color differences there as well.

Restoring HD material is significantly more difficult than SD material - there is much more detail, there’s film grain to deal with, and a much higher standard that the work has to be held to.

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